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The Blacker End of Grey

There are dark places in our minds
that only we,
as the owners of that blackness,
can understand.
Through understanding comes the torture
of knowing there is awfulness in all of us,
and some of us hide
(pretending it is not, and never will be there)
and some of us embrace it,
but in the end
it controls us in one way or another.
The only true question left
is how black
is your blackness,
and will you let that be the only thing
you have to define you?

Miniature Breakdowns

And some days you just feel like crying,
no reason whatsoever,
you just haven’t cried for a while,
and suddenly the sadness
rushes you all at once
(like a sports team trying to take down
the other team’s all-star player),
and that’s when you find yourself
on the floor of the stockroom closet
wishing you didn’t have to work,
or leave the house period,
on this day.
Yes, we all have those moments,
and it’s a wonder
no one ever notices the tear stains.

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